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Boston Celtics Boston Celtics Boston Celtics

FleetCenter, the home arena of Boston Celtics and is located in downtown Boston , Massachusetts . It is also the home stadium for Boston Bruins, an NHL team. The stadium is owned by New Boston Garden Corporation, subordinate of Delaware North Companies. The stadium was first opened on September 30, 1995 . FleetCenter also hosts events, such as concerts, graduations, wrestling matches, shows, conventions, seminars, ice shows, and circus. FleetCenter stadium was built to replace the old Boston Garden which was the original home of the Boston Bruins hockey team and the Boston Celtics basketball team. The stadium was mainly sponsored by Fleet Bank of Boston . FleetCenter is constructed above the Boston 's North Station which is an important transportation center. The stadium is built ten stories high on area of 3.2acres. It has 36 permanent stands and 34 rest rooms. FleetCenter stadium was designed by Ellerbe Becket, INC and was built at a cost of $160 million. FleetCenter hosted the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

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